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How to Get Legendary Dragons on Dragon City

legendary dragons dragon city

Dragon City is one of those Facebook games that will leave you hooked. With the colorful world, cute graphics, and wide variety of dragons, there is always something to do and something to explore. With over millions of people already playing, someone is always bound to encounter problems such as spending too many gems and…

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How to win at FPS Games

Shooters games are perhaps the most popular genre and the most competitive games genre out there. If you want to survive and achieve a victory, you’ve to be a master with a lot of skills. And of course, you do not have to know every tiny detail about every game to play like a boss. All…

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My top gaming mouse choices for 2015

logitech g502

Best Gaming Mouse 2015 To have the best gaming experience, a gamer must have the essential hardware, such as the best gaming headset, a great keyboard you are comfortable with, and of course, your virtual hand in games, the mouse. For a casual gamer, any mouse that is responsive and functions well would do, but…

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